Ivan Vasilievich Kliun

Bolshiye Gorki 1873 - Moskau 1943

Ivan Vassilyevich Kliun (also known as Kliunkov) was born in Bolshiye Gorky near Kiev in 1873. Ivan Vassilyevich Kliun studied art at the academy in Kiev and later in Warsaw. In 1900 Kliun moved to Moscow, where he met Malevich in 1907.
In 1910 he contributed to the Moscow Salon. Ivan Vasilievich Kliun was very interested in the suprematist experiments of Malevich and other avant-garde trends. Kliun wrote a suprematist manifesto together with Malevich and Menkov. The exhibition "0,10", which followed in 1915 and was the first to show suprematist paintings, marked a breakthrough in non-representational art.
Other artists contributing to the exhibition alongside Ivan Vassilyevich Kliun were Malevich, Tatlin, Nadezhda Udaltsova, Liuboc Popova and Ivan Puni. Subsequently, Kliun contributed to various exhibitions of the suprematist artists. Suprematism later influenced the De Stijl and Bauhaus styles.
In 1918 Kliun became a professor of painting at the VKHuTEMAS. In the 1920s Kliun adopted a purist style.
Ivan Vassilyevich Kliun died in Moscow in 1942.

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